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Which is Top 10 Pakistani Dramas Watched in 2022

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Pakistani dramas are continuing to win hearts across the globe. This year, many new dramas as well as actors made their debuts and the fans can not stop loving them. While tis may be true, there is a major paradigm shift in the Pakistani industry with dramas finally getting rid of conventional love stories. The modern day writers and producers are showing a lot of interest in bringing out different story elements highlighting the social issues. The recently aired dramas have made a special place in the audience’s hearts. The reason behind it is highlighting unconventional matters of the society that we fail to acknowledge. Every year, the list of best Pakistani dramas adds more names as loved and encouraged by the local as well as global audiences. Moreover, the addition of new acting faces (male and female) is also lighting a spark of interest locally. Is the scope of Pakistani drama industry finally changing for better? We would love to know your thoughts about it in the feedback section. But first, let’s talk about the top 10 Pakistani dramas to get you started.

We know that if you have come here, you would be looking for the top 10 Pakistani dramas of 2021, 2020, & 2019. Let’s give you an overview of which drama performed best in Pakistan during these years. You can also check out our list of Best Pakistani Dramas 2021 here.

The best way to spend leisure time specifically for the women in Pakistan is to watch dramas while having a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee while munching on snacks. Well… we should be proud of the fact that Pakistani dramas are being watched widely across the globe. So if we have a look upon the reel of the dramas for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, a number of these have been marked as blockbuster serials and here we have compiled a list of the top 10 unforgettable dramas of the year:

1. A Love Story You Can Never Forget – Raqeeb Se!
2. Harassment Case That Made Everyone Suffer – Dunk!
3. Spiritual Romantic Story – Khuda Aur Mohabbat!
4. A Tale of Sacrifices In Chasing True Love – Raqs-e-Bismil!
5. In Search of the Evil – Phaans!
6. The Love at First Sight – Pehli Si Muhabbat!
7. A Journey of Ups and Downs – Safar Tamam Hua!
8. A Must-Watch Romantic Comedy – Shehnai!
9. A Love Story That Transcends Above All – Fitoor!
10. When Your Decisions are Dominated by Others – Qayamat!

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Top 10 Pakistani Dramas with Amazing Cast 2022. Most of the upcoming Pakistani dramas 2022 will have a realistic feel to them, including the serial Amanat, Berukhi, Ishq-e-Laa and Aye Musht-e-Khaak.

Top 10 Popular Pakistani Dramas List 2022 Channel Geo TV Dramas, Hum TV Dramas, Ary Dramas List Included this article BerukhiAmanatBadzaatAye Musht-e-Khaak, Tumhare Husn Ke Naam list is Here. The ones that did make it to the Top 10 have these things in common repeat value, iconic cast, a coherent story from start to finish and a strong director.

Top 10 New Pakistani Dramas 2022 with amazing cast are expected to air soon some of them are more appealing than others. Here is a list of those New and Upcoming 10 Pakistani dramas with amazing cast.

So, here we have got details and list of most trending dramas of Now a days. Top 10 Upcoming Pakistani Dramas list is here wit amazing Cast star.

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas 2022 With Amazing Cast:

  1. Amanat
  2. Sinf-e-Aahan
  3. Ishq-e-Laa
  4. Tumhare Husn Ke Naam
  5. Aye Musht-e-Khaak
  6. Main Manto Nahi Hoon
  7. Mor Moharaan
  8. Berukhi
  9. Badzaat
  10. Mere Apne

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