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How much better is Fiverr than Upwork?

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How much better is Fiverr than Upwork?

1.Fiver - people search for what they require and if your gig is interesting and also costs less than others in the same category then you get the work.

2. Upwork - Need to have connects to apply for a Job, if you dont have you need to buy a monthly package. Moreover, it is like a bid auction, a perosn posts a job or task and many will apply for that job. If your profile stands out you get the work.

I tried both Upwork and Fiver. Upwork is little tough to get work, there are so many others with good profile ratings who apply for them and most of the upwork publishers(who post the jobs) prefer people with good profile ratings.

You are looking for a platform that pays for your skill. Analysing what you are good at will help you more in these websites. I personally suggest find clients online directly and offer your work. In the initial stages no client will want to work with you, so what do you do? Follow netflix, amazon and other business giants marketing technique, offer them a free trial period of your work if they like your work then they will agree to work with you on your terms.

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