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What are the benefits of plank exercises?

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What are the benefits of plank exercises?

Planking is one of those exercises which would definitely give some results to you if done regularly. I’ve personally seen satisfactory results after doing it for almost a month. It helps you tighten your core muscles which is in the form of belly fat.

Planking is very popular for weight loss. It works is amazingly for a flat stomach. Those who are working hard to achieve abs practice planks on regular basis. But planking can offer other health benefits as well. Apart from the popular weight, it can improve your health in various ways. These are:

  1. Improves body balance: Along with posture planking also improves overall body balance as it makes you balance your body weight perfectly. You will feel that your muscles are stronger than before which will strengthen your balance. You would also experience better stability and improved coordination.
  2. Boosts metabolism: Planking will help you burn more calories. It will challenge your whole body to do more. Slowly and gradually it will improve your metabolic rate. Regular practice of the plank pose will keep your metabolism high and will maintain it throughout the day. To increase your metabolism make sure that you perform plank regularly without skipping it.
  3. Increases flexibility: Increased flexibility is another great benefit of planking. Exercise affects the whole body. It works on muscles around your shoulders, collarbone and shoulder blades as well. Improved flexibility will also reduce workout injuries.
  4. Boosts energy levels: Planking burns a lot of calories. When you burn more calories, your body receives oxygen and nutrients effectively which will provide better energy to your body. Regular physical activity leaves a significant effect on your energy levels.
  5. Better mental health: Exercising improves your mental health as well. It creates a fine balance between your mental and physical health. Plank is no exception. It boosts your mood significantly. It also one of the most significant benefits of planking. You will also experience reduced stress and anxiety.

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