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how many feet in a mile?

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How Many Feet Are In a Mile?

These days, we don't need a reference book - we have Google. And when you ask Google the question, you get the answer: 1 mile = 5280 feet. Should you wish to convert miles to feet or feet to miles, by the way, please feel free to use our length and distance converter. There's also a conversion chart at the bottom of the article.

Otherwise, do continue reading to learn why there's a bit more to the conversion than you might think. Here's Becky Kleanthous to explain in her usual humorous way...

Miles and feet

Gosh, we love miles don't we? We chuck 'em about like they're salt on chips, so casual, and so intangible.

The coffee shop? Oh, just a mile down the road. And we're all exhausted because we walked miles today! I was the fastest though, by a country mile. Still, when it comes to singing, everyone is miles better than I am.

Origins of the mile

The word comes from Latin ("mille"), because the Romans were excellent at organising stuff. It's no wonder they gave us concrete, central heating and the Fitbit (though one of those may not be true). Their love of logistics led to the conception of the classic Roman road, and even the method of measuring it.

Converting miles to feet

To assist you with converting miles to feet, I have included a chart below. Should you wish to convert a specific number of miles to feet or feet to miles, give the length and distance converter a try.

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