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how to write a cv?

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How to write a CV? We have all asked this question at some point, especially when job hunting. Your CV is one of the essential elements for a job interview; after all, it is what gives your potential employer their first impression of you. Follow our guide on how to write a CV and create the best CV possible for your experience, skillset and the applied-for job role.

What Is A CV?

A CV (curriculum vitae) is Latin for 'course of life', which in essence is a document that provides an overview of your skills, work experience and academic achievements. Additionally, you can sprinkle in your personality by including a personal profile and hobbies.

What To Include In A CV?

Recruiters are pros at scanning CVs and deciding whether or not someone is suitable in a matter of seconds. Knowing what to include can help bag that next job and before you know it, you can buy all the chicken nuggets in the world.

The basic components that make up a good CV are:

  • Contact Details

  • Personal Profile

  • Key Skills

  • Employment History

  • Education

  • Achievements

  • Hobbies

  • References

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