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Kindly Share Some Information About Pakistan. Is Pakistan a good country

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Yes definitely! Pakistan is a good country.


1: Pakistanis are world's most welcoming people. Our hospitality is amazing. Whenever you'll visit Pakistan, the people here will look at you and smile. (Come and try it)

2: If you're a foreigner here in Pakistan, the sellars (Mostly the street food sellars) won't let you pay. Yes, the visitors from foreign countries are like our guests, and in most of the shops you'll get free food, and probably free other things. (Just watch a video of few visitors in Pakistan “WHY IS EVERYTHING FREE IN PAKISTAN” then you'll know, and similarly like them, many other people also came here, and were surprised by getting everything free in Pakistan.

3: About it's beauty, Pakistan has the world's 2nd most beautiful capital, Islamabad. Which is also a perfect city for tourism. Also, the northern areas of Pakistan, are the most most most wonderful places. Just like heaven, just like dreamland. You can search about Northern Pakistan, places like Saif-ul-muluk, Naran, K2 (The world's second largest mountain) etc.

4: Pakistan is the world's most powerful Islamic country. Pakistani defence is much better than before how it was, and it has ameliorate itself alot. That's why, it is a safe country too.

5: Pakistan is definitely not a TERRORIST COUNTRY. Not at all, instead this country became the victim of the terrorists mostly. The western media creates Fake news about Pakistan, and also Indian media, which is why, in India and Western countries, people consider Pakistan as a dry land, with people holding guns in their hands. This is not at all true guys. Therefore, i would suggest you all to watch EVA ZU BECK'S videos, and there's one more girl who travelled to 196 countries in 18 Months. The anchors asked here, which country you love the most, she said Pakistan (It's not even a lie, it's true, idk the girl's name, but i watched the video on YouTube)

Being a Pakistani i would suggest you all to stop listening to media, and just watch YouTube videos of the vloggers who visited Pakistan, and then you'll know how good is this nation. I'll be more happy if you'll visit my beautiful country, at least once.

So, that's all i wanna say, ThankYou! Pakistan Zindabad ❤️

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