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What is a cuspidor in dentistry?

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What is a cuspidor in dentistry?


Are you looking for new or refurbished dental cuspidors to complete your set of dental equipment in the clinic? At Independent Dental, we carry a wide selection of large and small equipment, including cuspidors at different price points to accommodate various budgets.

Comprised of a bowl or cup where patients can expectorate or spit out particles and liquids that have accumulated in their mouth, the dental cuspidor holds a special place in the dentist's office. While most dental procedures already have the saliva in a patient's mouth suctioned off by a saliva injector, there may still be instances where patients will be asked to expectorate in a cuspidor.

When buying dental cuspidors, the main considerations usually include their water efficiency, size, and sanitation. You may find that older versions of cuspidors leak or waste water, and may even cause flooding in your clinic if the plumbing hasn't been checked for some time. With our units, you won't have to worry about these issues because our products come with newer and more advanced operational technologies.

When it comes to size, your dental cuspidor shouldn't take up too much space. For dentists with a small practice, they may have a hard time finding room for all of their dental equipment if the cuspidor is taking up too much space or isn’t positioned correctly. These should also be located at a distance from sensitive electronics so as not to risk damage in case it leaks or causes flooding.

Lastly, another important point when shopping for dental cuspidors are the sanitation features they come with and their ease of maintenance, or lack of. Since any number of patients can expectorate on a single unit every day, cuspidors have to be cleaned as often as possible to eliminate germs and avoid clogging. Disinfecting and cleaning it can either be quick or troublesome, depending on the design.

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