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How do you set up a carb manager for keto?

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How do you set up a carb manager for keto?

Our mission is to empower you to achieve your diet and wellness goals and to make a healthy low-carb lifestyle easy, fun, and delicious.

Whether you're new to Carb Manager or are already a registered member, this article highlights some key steps that will help you succeed, including:

1. Get Carb Manager

Tip: Create a registered account to secure access to your data if you lose or replace your device. (A registered account is required to use the web app, but not the mobile app.)
  • Tip: Subscribe to Carb Manager Premium to unlock features that help you manage goals and analyze results. You also get exclusive content such as recipes and meal plans.

    2. Set up your profile and main goals with the Getting Started Wizard

    The Getting Started Wizard automatically opens the first time you open Carb Manager and guides you through a few steps to create your profile and your main goals. Carb Manager uses this information to calculate your daily energy budget (calories or kilojoules) and your goals for macros (carbs, protein, fats).

Tip: The Wizard asks you about your current activity level and sets a default Keto diet plan. For help with those topics, see the following articles which describe your choices.

  • Types of activity levels — It’s important to keep your profile’s activity level current to ensure Carb Manager provides you with the most accurate information.
  • Diet options — You can change your diet in Carb Manager anytime, but we recommend you consult your physician before you start a new diet.

3. Adjust a few settings for best results

  • Carbs to Track — Most low-carb dieters track net carbs, which is the default setting. But Carb Manager offers four choices, including total carbs and two types of diabetes carbs. This is particularly important for people who are based in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK, where nutrition labels differ from the United States and do not include fiber in the carb values. For more information, including details about how Carb Manager calculates carbs for different regions of the world, see Track total carbs, net carbs, or diabetes carbs.
Tip: To discover more ways to customize Carb Manager, see articles in the Customize app settings section of our knowledge base.

4. Start using Carb Manager

  1. Daily Log. For details, see Daily log overview.
  2. Track specific body and health measurements such as your weight, waist size, sleep, cholesterol, and more. For details, see Log weight, Add body and health measurements, and other articles in the Track body and health measurementssection of our knowledge base.
  3. View your daily progress, view historical measurements, and analyze results. For details, see View progress and gain insights toward goals, which includes a tutorial video.
  4. See Get more from Carb Manager, which describes how to set additional goals for macros, micronutrients, exercise, meals, and more; sync a fitness device or app with Carb Manager; and connect with other people in the Carb Manager community.

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