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BTV NATIONAL HD New Biss Key And Frequency 2023

BTV NATIONAL HD New Update 2023

Bangladesh Television (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ টেলিভিশন), commonly known by its acronym BTV (Bengali: বিটিভি), is the state-owned television network of Bangladesh. The network was originally established as the East Pakistan branch of PTV in 1964. It is the oldest Bengali-language television network in the world,[1] and is the sister to the radio broadcaster Bangladesh Betar, which, along with BTV, are both owned and operated by the government.

BTV NATIONAL HD New Biss Key And Frequency 2023

Bangladesh Television is the country’s only television network provided on terrestrial television. It is primarily financed through television licence fees.[5] Although it has produced many award-winning programs, it has often been accused of being the mouth piece of the government and their lack of quality programming.[6] Both the headquarters and the administrative building of Bangladesh Television are located at Rampura in Dhaka.

Prior to the late 1990s, Bangladesh Television was the sole television broadcaster provided in Bangladesh, and was a very successful network in terms of viewership until the launch of several satellite television channels, which led to the network’s downfall and stagnation, mostly due to the fact that it was used for spewing government propaganda ever since Bangladesh’s independence.

It operates two main television stations, BTV Dhaka and BTV Chittagong, and fourteen relay stations all over Bangladesh, along with a satellite television channel, BTV World. It is a member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and Asiavision, and is an associate member of the European Broadcasting Union.Bangladesh Television also plans to launch six more television channels.

BTV can be received via satellite throughout Asia and parts of Europe and Africa. Bangladesh Television is also the sister network of Sangsad Television, a parliamentary television channel. BTV World is also to be converted into an independent entertainment television channel with a different schedule compared to BTV Dhaka. BTV Dhaka broadcasts eighteen hours a day on terrestrial television, and twenty-four hours a day on satellite television. Its satellite feed relays BTV World’s transmissions during the off-air hours of its terrestrial feed. BTV Chittagong broadcasts on a full-day basis daily.

Bangabandhu @119.0E
FREQ: 11725 V 17500
FREQ: 4046 H 17500
SID: 0001
New Biss Key: 32 51 DC 5F 19 64 AB 28

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