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LEMAR TV HD New Frequency And Biss Key 2023

LEMAR TV HD New Update 2023

Lemar (Pashto:لمر, meaning “sun” in Pashto) is a television station based in Kabul, Afghanistan, which was founded in 2006. It is owned by MOBY Group. The channel broadcasts news, shows, and entertainment programs in the Pashto language. Its sister channels are TOLO TV and TOLOnews.

LEMAR TV HD New Frequency And Biss Key 2023

Lemar TV is one of the most popular Pashto channels and the 4th most popular channel in Afghanistan. The channel launched on August 15, 2006 and has made a place in the minds and hearts of its viewers in a record time. All content is produced locally or acquired globally and transmitted in Pashto. It is a mix of entertainment, news and current affairs are widely respected for their apolitical tenor and resonance with Pashto-speaking audiences.

Lemar TV play Hindi serials dubbed in Pashto such as Laagi Tujhse Lagan. This channel is the second-most watched Pashto channel in Afghanistan, after Shamshad TV which is the main transmission carrier Pashto channel along with Khyber TV.

Satelite AL-YAHSAT 1A 52.0E
TP 12015 H 27500
SID 0642
Biss Key 31 2D BA 18 74 1F 55 E8

Tp: 12015 H 27500
Biss Key : 31 2D BA 18 74 1F 55 E8

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