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OnePlus 11 continues to leak, in hands-on photos and product images

OnePlus 11 continues to leak, in hands-on photos and product images

The OnePlus 11 is going to be announced on 7 February and OnePlus has already released a flurry of lifestyle images – but there’s a lot more leaking about this phone.

First of all, the 7 February date will see the phone launching in India, but it looks like it’s actually going to be unveiled in China first, on 4 January 2023, according to OnePlus’ Weibo account. That means we’ll know everything about this phone long before the international launch.

Secondly, we’ve also seen a number of images for this device leak too. This is on top of the lifestyle images we shared with you recently.

Thanks to 91mobiles you can take a look at sketchy hands-on photos of the front and rear of the phone. There’s not too much to be gleaned from these shots.

However, we’ve also seen the sharing of a collection of product shots thanks to Abhishek Yadav on Twitter. This shows the phone from all angles, so there’s nothing left to the imagination.

You can see how the camera is integrated into the frame – just as Samsung has done with several previous models – while that slider is perfectly visible on the side of the device.

The OnePlus 11 is expected to launch with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 powering it, offer a triple Hasselblad camera and give you superfast charging. What’s interesting is that OnePlus seems to be launching this 2023 flagship phone so early in the year, having previously launched in spring. This suggests it wants to be more competitive and get to market to keep customers away from devices from the likes of Xiaomi or Samsung, both of which now also launch early in the year

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