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ROHI TV TEST Frequency On PAKSAT1R@38E 2023

ROHI TV TEST New Update 2023

Rohi is a Multan-based news channel relaunched on May 27, 2017. The channel is owned by Mohsin Naqvi, the founder of City News Group, which he bought from a Pakistani politician, Jahangir Tareen. Naqvi is politically affiliated with Chaudhrys of Gujrat through marriage.

ROHI TV TEST Frequency On PAKSAT1R@38E 2023

Rohi also broadcasts Multan Division news which include:

Multan (مُلتان; [mʊltaːn] (listen)) is a city in Punjab, Pakistan, on the bank of the Chenab River. Multan is Pakistan’s seventh largest city as per the 2017 census and the major cultural, religious and economic centre of southern Punjab.

Multan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Asia, with a history stretching deep into antiquity. The ancient city was the site of the renowned Multan Sun Temple, and was besieged by Alexander the Great during the Mallian Campaign. A historic cultural centre of the wider Punjab it was conquered by the Ummayad military commander Muhammad bin Qasim.The city later became independent as the capital of the Emirate of Multan in 855 A.D., before subsequently coming under the rule of empires such as the Ghaznavids, the Ghurids and the Mamluks. In 1445, it became capital of the Langah Sultanate. In 1526, it was conquered by the Mughal Empire. Multan Subah would become one of the largest provinces of the Mughal Empire when it was created by administrative reforms of Emperor Akbar. Afterwards, Multan became part of the Durrani and Sikh empires successively. In 1848, it was conquered by the British Empire and became part of British Punjab. After independence, it became part of Pakistan.

FREQ: 3770 V 7700

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