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Samsung Galaxy A74 is the top of the line smartphone

what’s up guys Sal here so all the Samsung’s top of the line phones such as the Galaxy S Series and z-fold series make all the headlines and are usually fun to talk about but is the Galaxy a series phones that are responsible for the bulk of smartphone sales for Samsung and a series is what helps Samsung reach more price sensitive customers and helps them remain at the top of the smartphone market rankings.

although there are many phones in the Galaxy a lineup there are two phones that are most popular amongst consumers and they are the Galaxy A50 series and a70 series and today we have an update on the Galaxy a74 which reveals some huge changes that Samsung is making in its product lineup we see a couple of days ago I made a video explaining the changing strategy that Samsung will be making from 2023 onwards while the vice chairman of Samsung ordered.

the company to focus on making phones competitive and Powerful rather than devoting a lot of resources into cost reduction this would mean there are already great flagships will get even better but this could also mean the Galaxy a series will see some big changes and that’s what’s happening with the Galaxy a74 Samsung has apparently canceled the Galaxy a74 altogether that seems a little weird considering the a74 is the top of the line phone in their a series lineup and it was pretty popular too but it makes sense why they’re canceling it and it has to do with the fan Edition handsets ever since Samsung started making Fe phones.

the a70 series started making less and less sense because both the Fe and a70 series phones were priced similarly but there was a huge difference in the specs between the two I mean one is a flagship and the other is a mid-range there’s absolutely no comparison so to be honest releasing the a74 wouldn’t make much sense now you might ask what about the Fe then Samsung didn’t even launch the s22fe and there’s no sign of development of the phone either well up until now we thought that same person would just grab the Fe lineup altogether.

but it seems that may no longer be the case the stepsters says that Samsung is still planning to launch the Galaxy s22 Fe he didn’t say when exactly but said that it will have the Snapdragon agent 1 and exynos 2200 same STS 22 handsets Samsung was finding it hard to find a place for the FB in its portfolio but the cancellation of the a74 left a huge price gap between the a54 and the s23 wide open for Chinese competitors take advantage of and perhaps that’s the reason they have decided to bring back the Fe lineup to fill the void which honestly is the right decision in my opinion.

now this would mean the Galaxy a54 will be the top of the line phone in the a series and the first look revealed is going to have a design similar to the s23 except for those big vessels and here are the rumored specification of the handset of course with that being said Samsung continues to mock Apple in A Creative World Cup theme ad check it out here and I’ll see you tomorrow peace out.

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