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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra official marketing material

all right what’s up guys Sal here so the day is finally here the official Galaxy s23 Ultra leaks have now begun up until now we’ve seen the s23 ultra through various renders concept arts and more and now we finally have the official marketing materials of the s23 ultra as well as the s23 plus revealing the final and real design of the handsets not only that but we also have some other notable updates about the s23 ultra that you wouldn’t want to miss out on but first here is the official marketing material of the s23 ultra and the s23 plus and both the handsets look.

pretty much exactly like the leaks and rumors suggested except for the bezels only can ice Universe said the bezels on the x23 plus will be thicker but that is not really the case it looks as thin as its predecessor and to be honest with individual camera lens cut out it actually looks pretty good as for the s23 ultra it looks pretty much like the s22 Ultra except the camera rings are a little bigger and they match the color of the phone unfortunately we don’t see these sides which are expected to be a little flatter.

this time I guess we’ll have to wait and see now speaking of colors the signature color of all the s23 variants will be green for the s23 ultra pink for the s23 plus and light gold for the s23 these are the colors that Samsung will use to promote the phones in various commercials and posters you don’t have the vanilla s23 here in this marketing material but know that it’s going to be light gold AKA Pink Gold moving on we have some other interesting information about the s23 ultra from Ahmad.

who has proven himself to be a reliable hipster you see recently there was a rumor from this guy about the peak brightness of the s23 ultra where he said it will have a pretty brightness of around 2200 nits which is even higher than the iPhone 14 pro Max’s 2000 net display that currently holds the record for the brightest display turns out that is not true mud mentions that the s23 ultra will have the same 1750 nit display as the s22 ultra however there’s still a key Improvement he says when the phone reaches maximum brightness under bright daylight conditions.

the colors on the display will be much more clearer which just mean there will be a better Clarity on s23 Ultra than s22 Ultra when the phone reaches maximum brightness and that’s great news honestly it’s kind of weird that Samsung let Apple take a brighter display than their own flagship phone but they are more than making up for it by improving the colors under direct sunlight which honestly matters more than brightness because 1750 nits is already crazy bright.

next we have the s23 ultra paying a visit to the geekbench again but this time with better optimization as for the first time it crosses the 5000 mark on geekbench there’s still more than a month left for the handsets release so expect the numbers to go even higher than this and might even touch the iPhone 14 pro which has around 5500 multi-core scores of course for all the latest updates on the s23 ultra.

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