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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature the biggest upgrade

all right what’s up guys Sal here so the unpacked event for the Galaxy s23 Ultra is fast approaching is everything executive just confirmed when they’re holding the event and whether or not it’s going to be an in-person event but before that let’s talk about some other interesting information about the s23 ultra this info is coming from Ice universe who made a list analyzing why the camera of the s23 ultra deserves your attention first he says the 200 megapixel camera retains more natural details and has less noise which is good it says the night mode photography

has been dramatically improved the s22 ultra already takes great nighttime photos so it seems we are in for a pleasant surprise with the night mode of the s23 ultra next he mentions the regular 12 megapixel mode takes more detailed photos and the color science has been changed right now Samsung phones take vibrant and warm color photos which honestly look good to the eyes so here’s hoping they don’t make it look dull AKA macro girl don’t get me wrong natural photos are good only

if you’re editing them later average consumers don’t do that they aim at the subject take photos and post it on social media photos from Samsung phones come ready to share with just the right color pop so here’s hoping they don’t mess it up next the 10 times Periscope zoom camera takes sharper photos which is a great thing and not just 10 times but 20 30 and even 100 times Zoom will see an improvement speaking of 10x Periscope Zoom Samsung has also increased the aperture from F 4.9 to F 4.4 it’s not a dramatic change but it will help with better bokeh aka the blur effect and bring in more light which means more details in photos in fact

he mentions you can see a noticeable Improvement in picture quality in 10x Zoom mode compared to the s22 ultra in some cases which already takes amazing photos at this mode artificial intelligence will play a huge role in improving the overall camera experience especially in Zoom photos it will improve lines numbers letters Etc and make them look more natural Qualcomm has already confirmed that with Snapdragon agent 2 AI will see a staggering 374 Improvement compared to the hn1 and it seems

Samsung is taking full advantage of it on the s23 ultra now coming back to the unpacked event a Samsung executive told South Korean media that Samsung will keep the unpacked event in the first week of February and this time it’s going to be held in San Francisco California it’s going to be an in-person event marking the end of the online only unpacked events we’ve been seeing ever since the pandemic since the s22 was announced on Wednesday so it’s possible the unpacked

event for the s23 could be held on the 2nd of February at 10 am finally the s23 and x23 plus have appeared on FCC confirming their battery capacities and is 3 900 and 4700 milliamp hours respectively which just 200 milliamperes more compared to the s22 and s22 plus after over a decade Samsung and Qualcomm have done what many said wouldn’t be possible with the Galaxy s23 to know what it is click here and I’ll see you tomorrow peace out

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