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Samsung has been mocking Apple and the iPhone 14

So despite having tons of OEMs in the Android space, the biggest competitor to Samsung is not an Android OEM but rather Apple which makes a phone with a completely different operating system. You see for a successful business, retaining the loyalty of existing customers is not the only priority but winning new customers is essential too. And that’s the reason, Samsung doesn’t miss a chance to acquire new customers from Apple who are confused between Samsung and Apple devices through funny and creative commercials.

For the past few months, Samsung has released a number of ads mocking Apple. They have used videos, tweets, billboards, and several other methods to take a dig at Apple since the company announced the launch of the iPhone 14 series. Specifically this on the fence video where they are mocking Apple for not releasing a foldable iPhone.

The video argues that it’s “time to get off the fence” and make the jump to Samsung devices, rather than “wait” for Apple to match the features and products it already offers… The second video shows that the grass is greener on Samsung’s side showing the range of products and features that Apple still not offers in their iPhones. And now, Samsung has released the third and possibly the final part of the video where Samsung pokes fun at the traditional candy bar design of the iPhone and, as a result, implies that Apple has nothing new to offer to its customers.

Take a look. And not just this one. Samsung has also released another world cup themed ad. Take a look. It shows a crowd of smartphones watching a football match. The foldable Samsung phones are “doing the wave,” while the iPhones in the crowd can’t partake because they aren’t foldable which is honestly clever and creative. Samsung is seeing a large number of iPhone users switching to their foldable and that’s the reason why we are seeing Samsung doubling it down with these ads lately. Let me know what you think down in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow…peace out

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