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Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor and they are known for taking Apple

all right what’s up guys Sal here so brand Wars have become an important aspect of marketing and advertising excuse me would you mind moving your enormous phone you mean the enormously awesome Galaxy pick one trick pony aren’t you a little young to have an iPhone spots autocorrect this mocking competitors in a way that attracts customers to pick Brands out of options.

has become a trend same thing is known for brilliantly taking the iPhone’s weaknesses and turning them into funny and memorable commercials I could never get a Samsung I’m creative did your Barista it started in 2011 when Samsung became the next big thing in the smartphone World Apple was their direct competitor so Samsung started a marketing tradition of trolling Apple every year by making fun of iPhones and their owners in various commercials it’s something.

Samsung has been continuing even to die ever since Apple announced the iPhone 14 Samsung has been on a mocking spray criticizing the phone for the lack of latest features and Apple’s lack of involvement in the foldable genre a few days ago Samsung released this video asking iPhone users to stop being on the fence about switching sides and switch now and on the Samsung side they have folding phones and an Epic camera did you say folding phones yeah you don’t want to leave we’re waiting for all that to come over here why it’s already over there because.

that’s what we do we wait now Samsung has released the second part of that video where they’re showing what happens after the iPhone user crosses the fence take a look oh hey still on the fence huh just wanted to see if the grass is actually greener on the Samsung side oh it’s Greener am I right oh so green doesn’t get much greener than this see for yourself wow so this is phone enemy well you know what they say green means go hi so basically Samsung is saying the grass is greener on Samsung side so iPhone users don’t need to wait for years for Apple to catch up they can just cross.

the fence right now and choose Samsung as they have all the latest pieces of Technology including foldable phones better multitasking features and a higher megapixel camera that takes amazing photos the Galaxy s23 Ultra Samsung is taking back what is rightfully theirs from Apple to know more click here and I’ll see you tomorrow peace out.

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