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TyC Sports Frequency And TP 2023

TyC Sports Frequency And TP 2023

TyC Sports is an Argentine pay television sports channel owned by Torneos and Clarín Group, based in Buenos Aires. In Argentina, the channel broadcasts the Argentine B Nacional, CONMEBOL Qualifiers, Argentina national football team friendly matches, Liga Nacional de Básquet, the Argentina Open and other sports. Outside Argentina, the channel broadcasts the Argentine Primera División. It broadcasts in Spanish. In DirecTV Latin America watch on the channel 629, and 1629 in HD.

TyC Sports Frequency And TP 2023

The Liga Nacional de Básquet (abbreviated LNB, and literally in English, “National Basketball League”), also commonly referred to as “La Liga de Básquet” (“The Basketball League”), is the top-tier level of the Argentine basketball league system. The league is under the auspices of the Basketball Clubs’ Association (in Spanish: Asociación de Clubes de Básquetbol). The LNB’s predecessor league is the now defunct Campeonato Argentino de Clubes, which was organized by the Argentine Basketball Federation.

The league was created through the efforts of basketball coach León Najnudel, and sports journalist Osvaldo Orcasitas, in the 1980s, to make Argentine men’s club basketball more competitive, through the merging of the many existing local leagues.[3] It is designed like the NBA, with a regular season, all-star game, and playoffs. However, unlike the NBA, the LNB has a promotion and relegation system, with the La Liga Argentina (LLA), the league level that is immediately below the LNB.

TyC Sports
Arsat 1 at 71.8°West
11640 H 17140 3/4
DVB-S2X HEVC – Conax
TyC Sports
Intelsat 34 at 55.5°West
4086 H 15000 3/4
DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-4 HD – PowerVu

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