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WATAN TV 2 HD Frequency And TP 2023

WATAN TV 2 HD Frequency And TP 2023

El Watan Al Djazairia” (Arabic: الوطن الجزائرية) was an Arabic language satellite television channel broadcasting from Algeria. El Watan Al Djazairia was set up by Islamist party Hamas with a number of Arab intellectuals from Algeria and the Arab World.

WATAN TV 2 HD Frequency And TP 2023

A satellite or artificial satellite is an object intentionally placed into orbit in outer space. Satellites have a variety of uses, including communication relay, weather forecasting, navigation (GPS), broadcasting, scientific research, and Earth observation. Additional military uses are reconnaissance, early warning, signals intelligence and, potentially, weapon delivery. Other satellites include the final rocket stages that placed satellites in orbit and formerly useful satellites that are now defunct.

Except for passive satellites, most satellites have an electricity generation system for equipment on board, such as solar panels or radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs). Most satellites also have a method of communication to ground stations, called transponders. Many satellites use a standardized bus to save cost and work, the most popular of which is small CubeSats. Similar satellites can work together as a group, forming constellations. Because of the high launch cost to space, satellites are designed to be as lightweight and robust as possible. Most communication satellites are radio relay stations in orbit and carry dozens of transponders, each with a bandwidth of tens of megahertz.

Satellites are placed from the surface to orbit by launch vehicles, high enough to avoid orbital decay by the atmosphere. Satellites can then change or maintain the orbit by propulsion, usually by chemical or ion thrusters. In 2018, about 90% of satellites orbiting Earth are in low Earth orbit or geostationary orbit; geostationary means the satellites stay still at the sky. Some imaging satellites chose a Sun-synchronous orbit because they can scan the entire globe with similar lighting. As the number of satellites and space debris around Earth increases, the collision threat is becoming more severe. A small number of satellites orbit other bodies (such as the Moon, Mars, and the Sun) or many bodies at once (two for a halo orbit, three for a Lissajous orbit).

ExpressAM 22 53.0E Ku Band
On New Frequency
Tp: 11500 H 2400
Mpeg-4 HD FTA Started
Dish Size 4Fit But Signal In Weak 2Fit Chk Me 100%Ok

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